Funder Collaboratives

A recently published report by Grantcraft: Practical Wisdom for Grantmakers (a project of the Ford Foundation) brings a new body of knowledge to the subject of collaborative funding.  “Funder Collaboratives – Why and How Funders Work Together” offers donors and grantmakers a fascinating study of the benefits of collaborative funding, designing a collaborative to fit a specific purpose, organizing the relationships and outcomes for collaborative funding and roles for nonfunders in the process. The report prominently features PIP’s collaborative funds, including the Four Freedoms Fund,  and its model for bringing funders together. 

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Public Interest Projects Helps Support the Empowerment of Ordinary Citizens

Public Interest Projects’ Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) is a collaborative fund that works to energize American democracy by supporting and engaging immigrants and refugees.  FFF connects local, often-ethnic specific groups to coordinated state and national campaigns for comprehensive immigration reform, civic engagement, protection of civil liberties and human rights, and full integration of immigrants into American society.  Besides funding immigration reform and integration, FFF acts as a link tank that connects immigrant advocates with donors, and funders with other funders interested in the immigration issue.  FFF works to make the voices of immigrants heard in the national debate.


Public Interest Projects Creates Alliances for Social Justice

Bringing together powerful alliances of advocates is a priority of Public Interest Projects. Here, Voces de la Frontera, a grantee of Public Interest Projects’ Four Freedoms Fund (FFF), unites labor and immigrant rights advocates to forge a powerful united force for workplace rights and immigration reform.

Public Interest Projects’ collaborative funds, such as FFF, offer opportunities for funders to come together with each other and with grantees to invest strategically in an issue.  Often the outcomes include new alliances forged, increased capacity in the field, shaping of public opinion and policy advocacy successes.

Public Interest Projects Funds Initiatives to Improve Our Schools


Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER) supports grassroots education reform efforts led by youth and parents.  Here, youth leaders from the Voices of Youth in Chicago Education (VOYCE) Coalition present findings and recommendations from their participatory action-research project on high school drop-out prevention to then CEO of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and current U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.  CPS agreed to fund a pilot project based on VOYCE’s recommendations, which is now being implemented in eight Chicago schools.

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Public Interest Projects Funds Projects that Promote Human Rights

Public Interest Projects sponsors the U.S. Human Rights Fund, a partnership of donors who have pooled their resources to provide strategic, field-building support to domestic social justice organizations engaged in U.S. human rights work.  The Fund’s objective is to promote dignity, equality, and opportunity for all people, through seeking U.S. accountability to basic international rights norms.