Public Interest Projects brings together and strengthens the work of philanthropic institutions, nonprofit groups and other public interest organizations, sharing a vision of a society
that ensures justice, dignity and opportunity for all people.

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  • Oakland Schools Approve Policy to Limit Police Role: The Black Organizing Project (BOP) and its allies recently secured a new policy to limit the role and presence of law enforcement in schools after nearly two years of negotiations with the Oakland Unified School District. The new policy stipulat... More
  • Momentum and Opportunity for Boys and Men of Color: Please join us in Oakland at A Gathering of Leaders on Tuesday, June 17th from 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm, or via the web for a live stream of “Room for Debate: Facing Tensions Within Our Movement” for an honest, constructi... More
  • Columbus Schools to End Suspensions for Truancy: More than 3,500 interdenominational members and clergy from 50+ congregations in BREAD (Building Responsibility Equality and Dignity) won the commitment from the new Columbus, Ohio Superintendent to end the use of out-of-school suspensions for truan... More
  • Civic Engagement: Restoring America’s Political Voice: As voter engagement campaigns gear up, philanthropy reflects on its role in empowering the rising American electorate. Several recent legal and political trends have put the fundamental integrity of our democratic system at risk.  The U.S... More

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