What is Public Interest Projects?
Public Interest Projects, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity that makes grants to nonprofits through its collaborative funds, fiscal sponsorships and special projects on behalf of foundations and donors committed to issues related to social justice and human rights.

What does Public Interest Projects do?
Through its collaborative funds Public Interest Projects brings together donors with like-minded philanthropic goals and pools their resources, thereby maximizing the impact of their funding. Public Interest Projects also provides strategic direction, day-to-day management, administrative support and financial oversight to a range of specialized groups and grantees working in the area of social justice. Finally, we offer fiscal sponsorship services to philanthropic affinity groups that do not have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status so that they too can broaden their funding options and advance their causes.

What kinds of issues does Public Interest Projects support?
Public Interest Projects focuses on a variety of social justice issues, including reform of immigration policy and integration of immigrants into American society, educational equity and improving student outcomes in low-income communities, human rights in the U.S., racial justice, and racial and gender equity, among other issues.

How many funds does Public Interest Projects manage?
Public Interest Projects’ staff manages six collaborative and partner funds, four special projects and fiscal sponsorships. Altogether, Public Interest Projects made more than $20 million in grants to 237 organizations in 2011.

How does Public Interest Projects evaluate the performance of its collaborative funds?
Using the expertise of specialized fund-evaluation consultants, Public Interest Projects closely monitors the performance of our funds. At the outset, we establish concrete benchmarks for fund performance. We insure that these goals are met and that our donors’ investments are yielding the results they want through an array of quantitative and qualitative tools.

Who would benefit from working with Public Interest Projects?
Grantmaking foundations, community funds and nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from working with Public Interest Projects. We specialize in large collaborative funds that offer donors an opportunity to pool their resources. But because we understand and represent the interests of both sides of the philanthropic equation, we also service grantees, often acting as an intermediary to help them develop strategies that significantly advance their causes.