Filling a Void Left by the New York Times

Marizta Guzman

By Maritza Guzman: Director, Fiscal Sponsorship and Project Management

I recently learned that the New York Times will be closing its environmental desk.  This announcement came the same week the New York Times posted a graphic of historically higher than normal temperatures across the majority of the United States. While environmental issues are increasing in importance, a respected newspaper can no longer afford to dedicate staff to cover them.   This means the work of InsideClimate News is more  important now than ever.

Since it began in 2007 InsideClimate News, a fiscally sponsored project of Public Interest Projects,  has established itself as a unique and well-regarded voice in the national conversation on energy and climate policy, and the emerging clean economy. Their goal is to produce clear, objective stories that give the public and decision-makers the information they need to navigate the heat and emotion of climate and energy debates. Articles on InsideClimate News reach the media, the general public,  Congress and the White House, policymakers, and academics.  They work with  three of the largest media entities in the world (Bloomberg, McClatchy and Associated Press) to reach a global audience.

As the mainstream media faces declining subscribers, and a fierce competition for advertising revenue, InsideClimate News is a rarity – a news organization devoted to in-depth, nonpartisan, honest reporting on one of the most important issues of our time. To see their work, visit


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Our fiscal sponsorships are structured individually to accommodate each organization or individual. In all cases, Public Interest Projects acts as an umbrella organization to accept and administer funds on behalf of an organization or project. Public Interest Projects bears fiduciary responsibility for the funds received, ensuring they are used for charitable purposes and that all donor-reporting requirements are met. By providing a turnkey “back office,” Public Interest Projects helps advocates and funders get to the real work of accomplishing their social justice goals.

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