Taking A Stand for Civil Liberties, Human Rights & Immigration Reform – Public Interest Projects Signs on to Rights Working Group Letter to the President

Public Interest Projects has signed on to a letter to President Obama regarding his desire to implement immigration policy reforms. The letter outlines what we mean when we talk about immigration policy reforms and urges President Obama to take executive action on the following in his second term:

  • eliminating 287(g) and Secure Communities
  • keeping families together
  • respecting workers’ rights
  • using immigration detention only as a last resort
  • implementing a zero-tolerance policy that holds border patrol agents accountable when they commit human rights violations
  • rescinding policies which exclude individuals granted deferred action from eligibility for health programs

Above all, this letter is a call for any immigration policy reforms to uphold constitutional protections and human rights.

To read the full letter outlining Rights Working Group’s list of reforms and to sign on, click here.