Partner and Collaborative Funds

Public Interest Projects’ partner and collaborative funds offer donors the opportunity to pool their resources and expand their geographic reach. Public Interest Projects’ funds are multi-year funds that engage private, corporate, family and individual donors.

By working through collaborative funds to achieve its mission, Public Interest Projects is able to help the field:

  • Raise the visibility of key issues and provide a coordinated funding strategy;
  • Increase collaborative learning and strengthen capacities in the field among funders (including new donors) and grantees; and
  • Enable more flexible, timely and effective grantmaking and programming, both on the ground and across broader networks.

Public Interest Projects currently manages six collaborative and partner funds, providing them with strategic direction, grant management and fiscal oversight.

Census Community Outreach Fund (CCOF) – seeks to address the challenges of engaging hard-to-count populations in the decennial Census.

Communities for Public Education Reform (CPER) – a collaborative fund of national and local foundations committed to achieving equitable educational opportunities and outcomes for low-income students in communities of color. CPER is grounded in the belief that community engagement is a critical yet overlooked lever for school improvement, and that the organized involvement of parents and youth in affected communities is essential to achieving sustainable and effective school reform.

Four Freedoms Fund (FFF) – funds capacity-building, civic participation and policy advocacy by and for immigrants and refugees.

Fulfilling the Dream Fund (FDF) – helps redefine how the U.S. thinks about, talks about and achieves racial and gender inclusion.

State Infrastructure Fund (SIF) – supports state-based organizations working to build and sustain a strong infrastructure for nonpartisan civic engagement and increase voting rates in historically disenfranchised and other underrepresented communities.

The National Campaign to Reform State Juvenile Justice Systems - is a multi-year effort to advance policies designed to save money, improve public safety, lower recidivism and help young people and their families by keeping youth out of the criminal and juvenile justice system, and increasing access to alternatives to juvenile incarceration.

U.S. Human Rights Fund (USHRF) – provides strategic, field-building support to the U.S. human rights movement.

Just and Fair Schools Fund (JFSF) – an initiative to support community-based groups working to eliminate harsh school discipline policies and practices and secure the right to education for all youth.