Why Join A Collaborative Fund?

What are the benefits of collaborative funding?
We believe in the power and potential of collaborative funding whether you are a large national donor or a smaller local or regional donor.

  • Pooling money raises the visibility and “buzz” on key issues and provides a coordinated funding strategy.
  • It increases collaborative learning and strengthens capacity in the field among donors and grantees.
  • You gain access to an array of other opinions and benefit from the experience of other donors and expert staff that you would not have if funding on your own.
  • The geographic reach of your funding is expanded. Opportunities abound to link local to national, or even global, resources. Scope of activity is broadened and momentum and impact increased.

How does PIP’s collaborative approach help local funders?
Local funders gain a broader scope of activity and an opportunity to link to national, even global, funders, as well as increase their range. PIP strengthens networks and resources of grantees and funders and creates authentic strategic partnerships between local and national funders that can be leveraged for local impact.

How do national funders benefit in collaborative funding?
Our national funders build broader philanthropic networks than they would from existing programs. They also experience greater impact as their projects are rolled out in more places around the nation and world. The opportunity for national funders to learn about local conditions ultimately enhances strategic opportunities and analysis. PIP helps push programming closer to the ground, making it easier for funders to make effective grants on the ground when partnered with donors familiar with local terrain and players.