National Immigrant Bond Fund (This Fund is Now Closed)

The National Immigrant Bond Fund, a special project of Public Interest Projects, seeks to reaffirm the values of dignity and due process by assisting immigrants swept up in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) actions to post bond quickly in order to secure a fair hearing in America’s courts. The National Immigrant Bond Fund believes that all people in America, including immigrants, deserve basic human rights and dignity. This includes the right to legal counsel, ability to communicate and visit with their children and families, and humane treatment while in custody.

The goals of the fund are to:

  • Create a fund to assist immigrants swept up in ICE enforcement actions and not charged with criminal offense to post bond so they can better assert their right to legal counsel and due process in court.
  • Provide a 50% matching loan program that ensures that immigrants have a stake in the outcome and adhere to the terms of the bond. By making a “pledge of money,” individuals have an incentive to pay back the bond upon completion of their legal process so that the funds are then returned to the program to help other immigrants detained in other raids.
  • Support local community efforts to respond effectively to ICE enforcement actions and raise public awareness of the need for detained immigrants to access due process.

For more information about the project and its work, please contact or visit the National Immigrant Bond Fund website.