US Human Rights Fund Invites You to a Celebration!

This event will honor the advocates, allies and donors who have secured human rights successes across the country. Dorothy Q. Thomas and Larry Cox will be recognized for starting the USHRF seven years ago. Representatives of the US Human Rights Network, the Human Rights at Home Campaign, and the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth will describe their efforts to advocate for the US to uphold international human rights values and standards within its borders.  The new “Sunrise Fund,” a targeted donor initiative to hold the U.S. accountable for human rights, will also be introduced.

Following the USHRF program, everyone is invited to a short reception.  Then we have the launch of Reels for Rights: A US Human Rights Media Arts Screening. This film and video program marks the start of an exciting new community-based effort to expand production and exhibition of human rights-oriented media.  The evening will be capped by a fabulous dinner and dance party!