Why Public Interest Projects for Alliance Building

With 25 years experience sponsoring and managing projects, Public Interest Projects is uniquely positioned to provide donors and interested groups with the information and resources needed to build and sustain long-term alliances:

  • Public Interest Projects has the ability to move quickly on behalf of our donors to make grants and the flexibility to fund outside the silos of our donors.
  • Through donor education, Public Interest Projects exposes fund managers to the work of other funds in their alliance building efforts.
  • A body of research commissioned by Public Interest Projects and a growing database of alliance-building case studies throughout the country serve as an invaluable resource for parties interested in building alliances.
  • Public Interest Projects provides a network of more than 100 donors, all of whom have networks of their own and constitute a huge capacity for information dissemination and identifying areas in which alliance building work is likely to be most successful.
  • Public Interest Projects has developed a metrics system and other tools that effectively measure the effectiveness of alliances.
  • Public Interest Projects’ senior management team has a deep understanding and expertise to help funders develop strategic long-term alliances that suit their needs and goals.