Capacity Building

Through capacity building, Public Interest Projects helps grantees to become more effective and sustainable. Several Public Interest Projects funding collaboratives provide capacity building grants to improve information technology, administrative support, fundraising, communications and other internal operations.

In addition, some collaborative funds provide support to help groups carry out thoughtful and professional leadership transitions, so that the organization and its new leader are positioned for success. In general, working capital of this kind is much more scarce than program support, so its value to grantees is magnified.

Capacity building assistance also comes in the form of specialized training, peer learning and field building. For example, the Four Freedoms Fund engages the Nonprofit Finance  Fund and the Alliance for Justice to train and consult individually with its grantees to improve their financial management and nonprofit advocacy skills, respectively.

Grantees are also brought together on conference calls and in person to share lessons and to identify best practices.  All these forms of capacity building contribute to strong and healthy anchor organizations that together create national impact.