Strategic Communications

Through our strategic communications initiative, Public Interest Projects offers donors and grantees a coordinated, media savvy range of investment strategies and practices to shape the debate and create social change. We articulate goals, target the appropriate audience and develop a coordinated plan of action. These help guide funders who want to integrate sophisticated communications strategies into their funding plans and helps grantees attain the training and tactical toolbox they need to realize communication goals.

We specialize in creating multi-tiered communications strategies, including: building communications capacity in the field, focus group message and frame research, responding to media and political developments that impact an issue, proactively shaping the news and using traditional and new media/2.0 such as social networking. We identify the gaps in your communications strategies in concert with your grantees. And we believe in coordination, making sure grassroots activism is aligned with a national campaign, and that field advocates are working in consort with donors.